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September, 2001
Founded in 1965 and incorporated in 1966 to foster the education and appreciation of Traditional and Representational Fine Art, and to encourage its artists/ member to exhibit their works and to further their artistic abilities, San Gabriel Fine Arts Association maintains a nonprofit gallery in the heart of the historic Mission District, surrounded by the famous Old Grapevine Court, the Community Playhouse and the Mission San Gabriel complex.

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The Art Guild, which was the predecessor to the present San Gabriel Fine Arts Association, opened the doors of the vacated bank building on February 17, 1935 with 1000 cheering community members and famous artists. World War II led to the demise of the Art Guild, but a group of artists continued meeting and painting together, hoping someday to reopen the Gallery. In the interim, the former Gallery-Bank building was occupied by a women's designer fashion business, then an auto parts store, before being returned to an Art Center and Gallery in 1966 by the members of the San Gabriel Fine Arts Association.

Such notables as Norman Rockwell, Frank Tenny Johnson, Arthur Beaumont, Sam Hyde-Harris, Los Angeles Times sketch artists Charles Owens, Clyde Forsythe and Jack Wilkinson Smith, Karl Albert, Dan Toigo, Constance Marlow, Lester Bonar, Rosita Tseu, Lloyd Mitchell and Darwin Duncan were among the first exhibitors either at the Gallery and/or the former Guild Gallery.

The San Gabriel Fine Arts Association has, with approximately 350 members, both the scope and size to enable it to provide many benefits to member Artists and the San Gabriel Valley community. Benefits include monthly changing Art Exhibits with Meet the Artists Receptions, Spring and Fall Art Shows, Art Classes and monthly Critiques and Luncheons with demonstrations by well-known artists, and much more. All activities are open to anyone interested in Traditional and Representational Fine Arts.

Ms. Jo Ann Formia was the winner of the ECUS Paper Merchandise Award at the San Gabriel Fine Arts Association Spring 2001 Exhibition.

Mr. Bob Uecker demonstrating technique

Mr. Gerald Brommer at art demonstration.

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