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October, 2001

The Kentuckiana Artists Pastel Society was founded in the Spring of 1997. The founder and president Dix Morris, had just discovered an interest in painting with pastels and attended the International Association of Pastel Societies International Convention in Kansas City. She found the program so exciting she called together a group of five artists to consider the formation of a Pastel Society in the Kentucky-Indiana area.

Within a year the group had grown to over 40 members. Activities include hosting Fine Arts Exhibits, bi-monthly meetings, sponsoring Art in Local Schools, and "Paint-in" Days and workshops. A bi-monthly newsletter keeps members informed of activities and opportunities for growing with the wonderful medium of Pastel.
KAPS, member of the International Association of Pastel Societies is open to all artists interested in pastels and the promotion of pastel paintings.

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Some of the pictures in the 2001 Exhibition

Alice Fisher, Elsie Hall and Bob Saveressig working on new techniques.

(left to right) Dodee Sergeant, Alice Fisher, Dix Morris and Gerry Marcum at a workshop meeting, Nolin RECC Building.


The Kentuckiana Artists Pastel Society also maintains a web presence at:


I have been astonished by the beauty of pastels since my fist viewing of Jean Étienne-Liotard's "Protrait of Maria Frederike Van Reede-Athlone at Seven Years of Age", much of the art in this small gallery from the Kentuckiana Artists Pastel Society brings this painting to mind for me. - Editor

The pictures below are from the 2001 KAPS 3rd Annual Fine Arts, Food and Wine Festival and Exhibit at the French Lick Springs Resort and Spa.


Jenny Fuller

"Promise of the Future"

Mary Lou Hall


Gerry Marcum


"Duty Calls"

Elsie R Hall

"Nature's Jewels"

Dix Morris

"Winter's Morn"

John Clayton

"Springtime Favorites"

Alice Fisher

"Copy of 'Cup'"

Jack Sargent


Dodee Sergeant

"Turk's Cap Lily"

Maria Meyer

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