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November, 2001

is a non profit organization dedicated to providing individual and group opportunities in art instruction, encouragement of art appreciation, pooling of area efforts and resources, development of area leadership in visual art and fostering inter-group co-operation and participation in visual arts.
Our membership is widely dispersed and very diverse, embracing all media, all levels of artistic development. Through workshops, informal paint-ins, sketching trips, yearly members open and juried shows, plus regular newsletters, our widely spread group of 500 artists network and mentor each other.

The Central Ontario Art Association at work and play

Gerry Manno with his " Nighttime Journey" Jury Award winning painting at the recent COAA CROSSECTION 2001 JURIED EXHIBITION

The formation of the C.O.A.A. has been a three tier development. In 1953, there were no more than three organized art groups in the counties of Dufferin, Peel, Wellington, Waterloo and Halton. The following year in 1954 a group of art teachers met together at the MacDonald Institute in Guelph and formed the Teachers' Council, leading to the development of our organization, then called, the Five Counties Art Association. With the support of the founding members and the sponsorship of the Community Program Branch of the Ontario Department of Education (later the Youth and Recreation Branch) and the Ontario Arts Council, the association grew and flourished. In 1964 the Five Counties Art Association changed its name to Central Ontario Art Association to embrace a wider membership. Now in 1998, after more that 40 years we are still an independent, non profit and nurturing fellowship in the visual arts.

Joy Orzy with her watercolor illustration " Birds and Bees Rent Free II"

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A selection of paintings from COAA Crossection 2001 at the Niagara Pumphouse Visual Art Centre, Niagara on the Lake, On, Canada; highlights of Ed Shawcross’s comments as Juror are included for each painting.

Above / Top: Gerry Manno 'Nighttime Journey' Juror Award: "...has impact both emotionally and physically, it possesses immediacy and an evocative and moody timbre."

Above / Bottom: Joy Orzy 'Birds and Bees Rent Free II' Juror Award: "There is a marriage of intent and medium that finds expression in this painting that is both earnest and animated."

The Best of Show Award, 'The Bookworm' by Sharance Gilbert: "The unique perspective infuses the image with the feeling that the artist has captured a personal and immediate moment."

Juror Award, 'Family' by Linda Sitler-Howe: "...the artist has pushed beyond the sole use of an experimental approach and unified it with a haunting image of repeated faces."

Jurors Award, 'Remnants of Life on the Trail' by Margaret Peter: The archaeological aspect... the merging of two different media (printing making and found object collage) have been once a homage and celebration of life."

The Lloyd Minshall Award, 'Ornamental Croton' by Doreen Renner: "...the artist has allowed the image to exist in that grey area between the representational and the abstract...a confident and powerful image".

A floral watercolour by Elizabeth Pudsey



'Lilies' a watercolour by Rose Marie Nicolucci




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