April, 2002

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Pastel Painters of Maine

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The Pastel Painters of Maine can be contacted on line at: rneuvill@gwi.net

Our third annual, juried national show “For Pastels Only” will be held September 6 to October 21, 2002.


The Pastel Painters of Maine is an art association dedicated to benefiting all soft pastelists in the Maine area. Its goal is to promote the pastel medium by having pastel painting exhibits, classes and workshops; newsletters; outdoor painting trips; painting from models and sharing general camaraderie. The group began in the spring, 1999, when a few artists approached Tim Parks, PSA, for lessons and, eventually, to start a pastel society. From an initial membership of 10-15, it has grown to over 40 current members, three of whom have been elected to membership in the Pastel Society of America.

The PPoM held its first paint-out on a hot Saturday along the Maine coast in July, 1999 and its first paint-in for portraits in January, 2000. It holds several paint-outs during the warm months, and the paint-in has become a weekly portrait-painting session meeting every Friday. The first annual, juried show was held in September, 2000, with about 30 participants, and the second show had 50 participants. Many of the entries came from across the United States, with several from the West and the South, and the Best in Show from Long Island, New York.


The PPoM meets on the third Thursday of every month at River Tree Arts, 12 Depot Road, Kennebunk, Maine. At the meetings they:

Discuss ways to promote pastels
Have demonstrations on materials and techniques
Critique new paintings by the members and
Sponsor a juried, national show


Anne Gable Allaire, "Solitude, Monastery" -- Best in Show 2000

Barbara Traficonte, "Morning Mist"

Richmond Neuville, "Blueberry Plains, Kennebunk"



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