June, 2002

Art Society profile: The Taos National Society of Watercolorists

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The Taos National Society of Watercolorists can be contacted at:Stewart@newmex.com

The Taos National Society of Watercolorists has a presence on the web at www.taosnm.com/watercolor

Located in Northern New Mexico, Taos is internationally famous as an artist's colony. The long time home of Ms. Georgia O'Keefe (in nearby Abiquiu), Taos is known for her architechture,her beautiful landscapes and mountains and the unique and beautiful qualities of her sky.

Organized in 1992, The Taos National Society of Watercolorists is dedicated to promoting the production of professional quality watercolor on both local and national levels.

In 1993, society members exhibited in a group show that traveled to five museums and art centers in West Texas. Exhibitions in Taos include those at the Van Vechten-Lineberry Taos Art Museum, the Millicent Rogers Museum, Kit Carson Museum's Hacienda Martinez, the Historic Taos Inn, the Bareiss Gallery, the Stables Gallery, and the Farnsworth Gallery.

Several educational programs were presented by members of the group for the Millicent Rogers Museum and the Kit Carson Museums. Teaching members of the society conduct beginning and intermediate watercolor workshops through the Taos Institute of Arts.
The Taos National Exhibition of American Watercolor, the society's major project, is presented for the seventh time in the year 2002. Local members may not enter this competition, but do exhibit their work in a "host exhibit" that accompanies the national show. The Taos National Watercolor Honor Exhibition is held in some years to recognize award winners of the Taos National juried show.

Signature membership in the group is limited to artists living within the Taos area, and are selected for membership by a jury of current members, and to national artists who have work selected for the Taos National Exhibition of American Watercolor for three years

Associate members are connoisseurs of the Taos art community who are interested in furthering the goals of the organization. They are invited to membership.

A Gallery of Work from The Taos National Society of Watercolorists

C. J. Crawford - "Mayan"

Lori Malott - "Far View"


Nancy Lee Stewart - "Restless Recline"


Christine Buth-Furness - "Sunbreak at Water's Edge"

Chica Brunsvold - "Birdlam"

David Sprague - "Tanta"


K. C. Benson - "Canyon Moon"

Kathy Perry - "Grandmother's Boudoir"

Edwin Wordell - "Symbols of Man"


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